Programme Goals
Outcomes for
Outcomes for
Teacher Capability
All teachers are knowledgeable and confident in using a range of
e-learning tools and resources. They are effectively and seamlessly
integrated into classroom practice and through all curriculum areas.
skilled users of e-learning tools and available resources
learning and teaching is infused with e-learning opportunities
ongoing opportunities to develop and practise new skills
high levels of engagement
able to make effective use of school network
a range of software applications used
full use of ICT’s
e-learning resources utilised.
resource of expertise is developed
use e-learning and ICT’s for personal, professional development

Personalised Learning
All children are actively engaged in determining a challenging, suitable learning process for themselves.
Learning is data driven. A range of formative assessment methods are applied.
high expectations of their own learning.
take control of their learning
understand the learning process
can identify next learning steps
support each others learning
learning is shared with whanau
access to Learning Management System
learning is meaningful and appropriate to need
develop an understanding of the place of assessment in the learning process
wide range of teaching strategies developed and applied creatively.
classrooms are an inclusive, co-operative learning communities
high expectations of students
use knowledge of how their students learn for future learning
development and access to Learning Management System
increased understanding of the educational benefits of e-learning
acquire specific strategies for the innovative use of e-learning
programme planning requirements are clear and learning intentions easily identifiable

Best Practise Pedagogies
Best practice pedagogies are
understood and applied in the
teaching and learning programme.

achievement lifted
learn about learning and the specific skills involved
key competencies underpin the learning
develop a framework for learning
child centred and lead learning
acquisition of learning skills
equipped with specific knowledge and skills to lift student achievement.
able to make learning a clear, cohesive and enjoyable process
teaching practise becomes more effective
professional pride and satisfaction raised
ability to work smarter not harder through curriculum integration

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Matauranga Ngati Porou
Matauranga Ngati Porou is integrated into the curriculum and e-learning is used to engage whanau.
whanau engaged in the learning process
acquire hapu specific knowledge
develop e-learning resources for their wider community
a rich resource of cultural knowledge is a daily part of the school curriculum
participate in an e-learning community unique to their own context
engage in Te Rangitawaea strategy
Professional Learning Community
All teachers actively participate in a PLC to enhance sharing, collaboration and ultimately student achievement.
benefit from the strengths of all teachers in the cluster
higher levels of engagement due to a continually developing curriculum
resources are shared
a discussion forum for teaching and learning best practice is developed
ability to use collaborative problem solving
success is shared across the cluster