Kia ora Whanau,

Mata bringing up the rear like usual.
Thanks to everyone for the great company and the wonderful collaboration.

I attended a variety of breakouts

The one about games and the gaming culture was at the weird end and the Digital Blue Movie Maker was at the Wonderful end.

The 2 about Inquiry were very comforting and reaffirmed a few things we do OK here at Mata.

I have re-read my notes and think what a SQUARE peg.

Things I want to try,

Use my digital Blue movie maker every day.
Research Solo Taxonomy further
Have a tutu with our Digital Blue Microscope
Get WiFi installed
Decide on an appropriate Interactive Whiteboard for our school
Buy an infra-red pen $56
Give away all the free-bees to my angels
Train up all the tuakana to be ICT Tech Angels
Up-date my Wiki
Blog with Koka Sam
Interact more with Learnz


Learning@School 2009

What a great week, again lots of learning... I am going to do these things over the weekend and when I get back to school...

  • Read over my notes
  • Visit some new wikis and websites
  • Have a tutu with Comic Life
  • Plan how I am going to do the "on-sharing" at school
  • Reflect on what we need to give priority to with regards to IT in 2009
  • Have conversations with the staff about what new IT learning they are going to commit to

    Here are my notes from the week, lots of links included - Learning at School 09.doc

Kia Ora
na Sue

Thanks for another interesting ICT conference can't w8 4 CHch. Kim

Bloom's Digital taxonomy

Andrew Churches
he was gr8, he used mainly high school kids as his examples, but u could easily play it down, These are his Links wiki and blog
U are able to dwnload a copy of the hand we got from 1 of those sites, he has linked what we are doing digitally to the HOTs of Blooms taxonomy.
Has any1 tried ANIMOTO????? He showed us the benifits of using ADVANCED SEARCHES in google and that learning the general principals of things digital is more important to work across platforms than learning a specific program that will be out of date soon!
Slamdunk Digital Lessons: Using smart questions and digital resources to extend critical and creative thinking.
Jocelyn Mckay
She had it all on a PP slide so u should be able to read it and take from it wot u like.
We used inspiration that was great and I’d love to get a copy of that program or the kidspiration for brainstorming etc.
Pictures that u can use without worrying about copyrite – these are fotos discarded by fotographers

Creating and Managing Digital Portfolios using Adobe Acrobat

Allanah King

This again was 4 macs – buggar – the reason u would use this is so that it can be opened on parents computers at home and they don’t need WORD to open it. Also in adobe u can insert a video, audio or flash content. U can also upload 2 google docs or google apps for educators etc. Another cool thing she showed me was this url shortener.
Unrelated – a lady sitting next 2 me opened a web page called – this page allows u to load all your content, like blogs, wikis, twitters, etc onto 1 page wea u can acess them all from instead of open different tabs and going 2 ur favourites.

Podcasting 101

Jennifer O'Donnell & Neil Anderson

Easy as! if u r luky enuff 2 hav a mac. It was gr8 2 b able 2 practice at a slow pace. As u wood hav sn on the news it’s awsum 4 practicing reading aloud, sharing learning, interviewing, I soooooo need a mac

Traditional tales with a digital twis
t ||
Pauline McLeod, Vicki Stephens & Linda McCullough - Breakout 1
Lots of passion, use of english!!!! tales but we have our own so carry on, Go to for a look at some idea that they do with these digitally. Great ideas for our Nati awards!!!!

By the by heas an interesting thing to add to ur blog or wateva!
<script type="text/javascript" src="">{"width":"300px"}</script>
thanks kim

Learning@SchoolVickie - DIGITAL PEDAGOGIES, Tony Ryan

Sorry guys and gals - but he spoke that fast I just did not have time to process all the info that he so graciously shared with all 120 of us.

Here are a few points that were shared:

  • pedagogy = the art and science of learning between the ages of 4 - 18.
  • Curriculum, Pedagogy, Assessment and Reporting
  • be a willing contender to make change
  • the quality of dialogue within our schools determines the quality of school
  • if you employ digital learning processes they must advance std learning. Otherwise, why bother???
  • Digital Pedagogies, This has been broken down into 4 big picture pedagogical areas with characteristics to match each.
    • Intellectual Quality = Characteristics are Higher Order Thinking, Deep Knowledge & understanding, substantive conversation
    • Recognition of Difference = Cultural knowledge, Inclusitivity, Narrative, Group Identity, Active Citizenship.
    • Supportive Classroom Environment = Student Direction, Social Support, Academic Engagement, Explicit Quality Performance, Self Regulation
    • Connectedness = Knowledge Integration, Background Knowledge, Connectedness to the World, Problem based Curriculum

Anyway, got a few websites that you might like to check out...

the above link is his presentation if you are interested.

take a look at this vid clip - interesting

Keriana - MOGULUS BREAKOUT - A TV station in your classroom.

Take a look at the following websites:
1: is the actual website for mogulus where you establish your own tv station.
2: is a schools tv station site.
3: a tutorial is found on this website - shows you how to use mogulus.





Enhancing the Key Compentencies with Free ICT tools.

Basically a huge load of free internet sites to help develop and enhance the Key Competencies. I have the downloaded version of programmes that you can install. There was also a list of websites. For those of you that love animation - try out 'Scratch' under the thinking tools. I have provided a link of this list that you can just cut and paste whatever you want. Competencies

Solo Taxomony - Sam

I have attached the model and definition of Solo Taxomony as talked about by Pam Hook our keynote speaker this morning.

Sam and Vicks


Bucklands Beach Intermediate - We went to this last year and it inspired us to establish and use wikispaces. In just one year Buckland's Beach have developed the content of their e-portfolio's. They use alot of student voice - audio - video. Lenva has also developed a wikispace with alot of web2 tools. 'tutu heaven'. It is worth checking out their learning portfolios for inspiration or ideas.

Something to think about.

Is this ePortfolio about my teaching supported by student evidence?

Or ...........

Is this e-Portfolio about student learning, supported by my guidance?


The "Just in time News Show"
This workshop was all about putting together a news item using iMovie 09. Most of the workshop was about the software itself as opposed to the pedagogy of putting together a news show.
However iMovie 09 is a totally different bit of software from previous versions. Much easier and far better tools. My opinion is that this is another excellent piece of software from apple. A must for iMovie users. The whole interface has changed and kids will pick it up very easily. Most of it is drag and drop with far better audio tools.

A free music (copywrite free) site is

EPS - Educational Positioning System
All new cluster Schools were required to attend. We started with an explanation of this online survey tool and how it could be used.
From what I picked up it is a lot harder for our 1 and 2 teacher schools to get a good accurate picture of where we are at as the survey sample is very small.
Also there seems to be a few problems with the format of the survey and how some interpret questions different from others.
However I think it can be a very useful tool to use as a basis for professional discussions on how your schools are operating in terms of teaching and learning.

Wednesday 24th February – 2009

Breakout One – Inquiry Learning – At the Core of it.

Poroutawhao – Roll 138

A lot of reading, discussion and reflection on what inquiry is as a staff. Developing the model around what is important to their school.
Gosh what a lot of assessment. Key Competencies, values, big picture intentions and subsidary intentions all assessed. As they go through their learning they assess each stage of their inquiry model.

A Good idea - School Inquiry Model displayed in each room. Students move their name next to the process they are at.


They have developed an Indicator Sheet, which has borrowed from other curriculum areas (numeracy and literacy). Staff developed this.

Solo Taxomony is worth checking out. Shared assessment tool for thinking that teachers and students can use to assess monitor the process of thinking.

Vicks and Sam

Enhance your numeracy and literacy programme with an interactive whiteboard
This session was mainly about how to create numeracy and literacy flipcharts that help children excell in their learning.
If you need plans that are alreaday pre made their is a site that you can go to

Breakout Two:Being a leader of learningMary Ann WilsonCORE Education

Spoke on the Revised Curriculum. Where are we at? Where are we going? How are we going to get there?Working through the revised curriculum with whanau, BOT, tamaraiki, community a must if learning for students is to be successful. That word engagement is in. Engaging whanau, engagement with your students, to be engaged is what you need. Developing KC's with our tamariki. No need to assess however must be evident that KCs are incorporated into learning progs. Her korero sounded quite similar to Lester Flockton.

Bit of a bland speaker.
Breakout Two:
5 Frame digital storytelling
Using Flickr to publish photo’s. 5 picture slideshows published. Online feedback and helpful hints. Here is a helpful link with a step by step guide.
Positives and Helpful Hints.

  • Flickr can be used as an online editor and you can change the pixels.
  • Feedback and feed forward by lots of different people,
  • Online discussion.
  • Posting photos on blogs with a url through flickr
  • A helpful wikispace with step by step instructions.

Sam and Kim .P. Thanks Sammy I couldn't said it betta myself LOL

Activate thinking skills with your IWB
This session was about using different thinking models and how to interlink them in with your teaching programme
Here are some of the examples of the thinking models
  • Individual stratergies such as
    • PMI
    • CAF
    • SWOT
    • Analysis
    • De Bonos 6 thinking hats
    • Y Charts
    • Thinkers keys
  • Co-operative thinking skills
    • Jigsaw - Number the children and them all the number one's group up, all the number two's group up etc...
    • Hot potato
    • Think, pair,share
    • Round Robin
  • `Cognitive taxonomy
  • Gardners multiple intelligences
    • VAK
    • interpersonal
    • intarpersonal
Also you can use tournament prioritising which is where you ask the children a question and then you get their feedback like so:
If you were on a desert island what would be the most important things that you would have?
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • water
  • Richard Kahui (Hehehe)
  • Radio
and then from this list you prioritise the most important thing that you would need to help you and the same thing applies for a picture.
There is also another model called SCAMPER which stands for
  • Subsititue
  • Combine
  • Adapt
  • Modify / Magnify/ Minify
  • Put to antoher use
  • Eliminate
  • Reverse (Change the background)
You can use this when you are reading a book such as Jack and the beanstalk like so
  • Jack could be mean
  • The giant could be nice
  • Jack might sell his mother insted of selling the cow
  • The old man might give him $1,000,000 instead of a bean
So it is up to the teacher to get the learners to think outside the square


Breakout Three:
Juniors can do “IT”
Wonderfully inspirational. Little helpful tips for junior activities
Positives and Helpful Hints.
-Using up close shots to take interesting photos
-Using Comic Life to create posters

-Personality Photos

-Enhancing art work with collage of body and digital image of photos.
-Art work digital image of face cut in half and photocopied
- Taking a photo and gluing onto art work.

Really enjoyed her energy.
I have given a booklet of some of her ideas to Keriana. It is a great, lots of offline activities based around digital images and the word programme. Fantastic for the less confident. I think it would be a great place to start.

Junior literacy and the mac
Well this was a dopey choice on my own behalf because i chose a breakout where i needed a mac laptop, but however it was all mac jargon that i didn't even understand
However she is going to put her powerpoint up on the learning at school site so go and have a look for Miriam Miller and Ian Miller

Went to alot of breakouts about enquiry learning, enquiry in the Junior, HOTS for enquiry, Enquiry in Literacy. Alot of korero about SOLO Taxonomy. Head felt abit blocked.