Central Cluster Hui - Thursday 22nd October 2009

  • Make sure milestones are summarised as a cluster report. Do not have individual schools reporting against each milestone except 4.2.2 F. Provide a brief report on the progress of each school
  • MOE now getting staunch about monies not spent. With money not spent we need to allocate spending for next year in 2009. (Ues unspent money for 2009 to pay for 2010 L@S.
  • MOE not funding L@S after 2010 and chances are the same for ULearn. That is the schools contribution needs to fund conferences after this time.
  • Milestones due to Kathe by 13th November.
  • have 2 copies of variation signed by someone on BOT. Can be Principal.
  • Variation replaces existing contract. It becomes your new contract
  • 5 or 6 new goals. (Goals can be carried over or rehashed)
  • In variation - Under "Programme Professional Development Activities" we need to show budget costs for things like - How many teachers going to L@S. Costs allocated for Lead Teacher hui etc.
  • Need to Measure your success of programme activities. This will need to be more detailed than past.
  • Just include 2 goals in variation for milestone 5 2010.
  • Under variation third schedule. Professional fees "Role 1 and 2" is only split if there are 2 or more people involved in the 1 role. This will not apply to us as we only have 1 person in each role.
  • Try not to have "Indirect Costs" this line should be nothing but is in there for very difficult costs to explain.

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