Nati Awards 2010

Please give feedback on this years Nati Award entries.


  • Kaupapa was excellent
  • Well organised, great venue for both day and evening programmes
  • Great to have time to set up the expo sites
  • The live streaming was of value. There is a need to get this uploaded to the Te Rangitawaea site so it can be accessed at any time.
  • The MC's were very positive and managed the tamariki well
  • Children need to sit with their teachers, remove the mats from the front
  • Questions about some of the judging - there were entries that were finalists and that won that were not engaging and were lacking in specific quality features. Some of the finalists should not have been there. The judging spreadsheets and feedback should be shared.
  • Judges need to have some digital or IT industry knowledge! Suggestions should come from schools about who quality, neutral judges could be.
  • Chris Graham presentation needed to be streamed live too
  • The dance group were fab! Excellent positive korero to the tamariki.
  • Possible guests - Taika Waititi, Te Rau Kupenga, Brendan Pongia
  • From Boy to Bey... a great way to set the tone... so entertaining :)
  • The early finish was positive
  • Incorporate the category, sponsor and 3 finalists onto the 1 slide
  • The animations can take a long time to ensure that they play due to missing codex. Should they be uploaded to YouTube?
  • Was there a Te Reo agenda? If so, this needs to be made explicit and transparent. There seemed to be a preference by judges for entries in Te Reo rather than English - if this is the case this will disadvantage lots of our children.
  • Criteria sheets need to include the expected elements of each genre. Can we have video links to this... maybe from the workshop presenters?
  • Difficult for schools on the outskirts of the rohe to attend the workshops - transport, costs etc.
  • Another venue? Maybe alternate venues, Ruatorea / Uawa??
  • Suggestion - Bi-annual event
  • Suggestions for alternative categories - Web2 (make a selection of tools available, schools can choose which ones they use), geocaching/amazing race,
  • Prize money should be allocated to reflect the amount of work in the category.
  • Challenge - wonderful to have a new challenge but this needed to have been advised very early so that schools can incorporate it into their learning. Keep the same robotics for next year, some on-hand tech support would be appreciated prior to the Challenge. There needs to be a workshop for teachers prior to the challenge. 2 locations for the workshops or videoed and then uploaded to YouTube.
  • The live performances were wonderful.
  • During aspects of the challenge there needed to be an environment that was quiet and did not disadvantage any of the teams.
  • Give other Schools/Kura the opportunity to be MC's.

Here is our 2010 mahi...
Copywrite permission is very difficult to get the owners permission. They did end up listing the internet www from where it was downloaded. No kaupapa Maori pics on creative commyns sites.

How are small schools finding category coverage. They never get a chance to go for the top school prize. It isn't a level playing field. The same for having to have an ICT challenge team.

Entry paper work was much better this year.

Still difficult for year 3 and 4's to compete in the same categories as year 7 and 8's.

Can schools have examples of past place getters?

Great kaupapa! WhangaraPre Nati workshops - time given to attend was too short and location would be good if at Tolaga as well for southern schools. Be better if biannual - huge block of time every year.