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Found this great site... you gotta go there!


Awesome Site!

Have been successful in converting Photo Story 3 files as an AVI. Used Parallels, Photo Story and Movie Maker. Bit of a mission to upload to YouTube in Windows but all good once dumped onto my Mac desktop and then uploaded using Quicktime... ;) Our Jeru kids getting ready for Tamararo this year.

Have been playing with "I Can Animate" and iMovie today... Sunday! I pleased to say that I can...
  • Capture animation... bout 25 shots for 1 sec of footage... OMG!
  • Use a blue screen so that a background can be imported
  • Export to iMovie
  • Add titles and transitions
  • Insert an original audio created in Garage Band
Whoo Hooo! Who's a lead learner now!!! (hard to believe that this 30sec clip took most of the day to figure out!)


- Lamp or Traffic Light

- What can teachers do to ?foster creativity

Jing and Screencast
These two are worth having a play with.
Jing is this cool screencapture (Pics and video) that lets you save and share your captures.
It works hand in hand with screencast a video/pic hosting site that gives you a web widget code.
Check it out by clicking on the pictures!2008-09-08_0019.png

Need to change file sizes so you can use a high quality picture more easily on the web. (speed download times)
Try doing it online at http://www.shrinkpictures.com/