Lee Crockett

Kia Ora good people... for those of you who loved Lee Crockett... I found a copy of a pdf that unpacked his "Understanding the Digital Generation" keynote. :) It's an easy read and I'm going to give it to our Jeru staff as a professional reading that we'll then discuss the implications of. It's quite a big file and I've had dramas trying to upload it to the wiki so if you want a copy e-mail me at sugo65@gmail.com. Cheers Sue

Here's a video from Lee about Understanding the Digital Generation, it's almost an hour long so leave it to download while you do something else. Enjoy!

In times of radical change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Eric Hoffer

ULearn 2010 - Voicethread

Here we all are... Dinner Photos

4 of us at aporo smakdwn

Here's Our Learning@Schools VoiceThread Whanau.

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Anei Koka Sam!

"The Nati Cluster"

ICT Professional Development for Hiruharama School, Hatea-a-Rangi School, TKKM o Nga Taonga Tuturu ki Tokomaru, Mata School Whangara School and Te Kura Reo Rua o Waikirikiri

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Voicethread uses by Suzie Vesper

Check out this site Whanau:


Regional ICT PD Hui
Recently Vickie and I attended the above hui at Paekakariki.
There was plenty of opportunity for networking with other cluster Principals and Teachers during the day as most of the hui consisted of talking in groups about the revised curriculum.
Many thought at the end that here we go again still talking about this curriculum impact on our schools and would have preferred some nuts and bolts about implementing it.
However the Wiki site we used for the days activities has some excellent ideas and strategies. It is well worth a look, check it out at ICT PD - Curriculum.

Check out Ian Jukes “Understanding digital children (DK's) Teaching & Learning in the New Digital Landscape”. external image pdf.png Jukes - Understanding Digital Kids.pdf Ian looks at the difference between digital kids and teachers and the impact that this has on teaching and learning.

Here is a link that is worthwhile having a look at...Maori interactive language resource...


Link to see the Wikis in Plain English video

Hey whanau,
anei tetahi taonga from Meri August
Unit Plan using new Curriculum

Climate Change Unit

Awesome Link to wiki e-Portfolios

Here's one for all you Junior Teachers

Check out this Early ICT Ideas Site


meezcompu.gifDon't Forget To.............

  • help your students give the "Cluster Logo Competition" a go.
  • register for the ICT PD online site (click here) you may need the password ictpd>
  • read the latest ICT PD online newsletter (click here)
  • Check out Sir Ken Robinsons video "Gurus" on Teachers TV (In this lecture to teachers he argues that the education system cannot face the future by doing better what it did in the past. No one knows what the future holds for young people in school today but it will be very different from the world now.)


A colleague adviser friend of mine "Innes Kennard" also works part time as a software vendor and Comic Life is now one of his babies.
He has done a deal for small NZ rural schools at $4 a license. (The stars are shining - how appropriate for us),I think this is great price and the attached order flyer will give you more info. It appears to me that you don't have to purchase a minimum number. If you have any queries contact Innes directly.

Management Group Hui

Kia Ora Whanau... We had a busy day at our first MG Hui on 19 March. Lots to focus on over the remainder of T1 and also T2. Please find below some links to our minutes and the Annual Action Plan.
Nati Cluster MG Hui 19 March 2008.doc
Nati ICT PD Cluster Action Plan 2008.doc

Even Better Way of Downloading YouTube

Go to this site vixy.net and insert the url address of the video page.

Lead Teachers Day

Here is the Lead Teacher hui workshop notes and links. Just click and open.
Some useful links still to come.

1st Lead Teachers Hui

Our Lead Teachers hui is definitely on for Next Tuesday 18th March from 9.00am to 3.00pm.There has been a change of venue though. We will now meet at the conference room at the "Captain Cook Motel" in Awapuni road. (cnr of Awapuni and Grey St) instead of the Ed Centre.We will go out for lunch, not sure where yet.
It would be good if you had something to share with the group for about 20mins, especially something that you are, or wanting to try at your kura.

Have a look ar our Cluster Goals page here.

Check this out!!!

We have hooked up with a really cool interactive site called www.worldmathsday.com. On Wednesday 5th March our students at Hatea-a-Rangi School are going to be part of an amazing event to set a world record in answering mental aritmetic questions. Students take part of real-time battles of time and skill online. Most students have been registered through the school and have had an opportunity to compete online against students in other countries.
Students get a chance to
- Create their own avatar
- Practise basic facts - Number Knowledge
- Share learning with their Whanau at home - (Thank You Computers in Homes)
- Compete against children of the same age from around the world.
We have found it useful as an independent learning activity which includes numeracy and I.C.T. We plan to continue using this online activity throughout the year.

Kia ora nga kaiako o Hiruharama for your time after school on Monday.
Click here to go to Comic Life
I have uploaded the comic life tutorial for you to download. I have also sent you an invitation to join this wikispace.
Kia ora ano. Ivan

Please go to your kura page and leave a brief of the workshops you liked.

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One thing i need to mention. please don't worry about your proper language on this space. We want to have your thoughts/ideas as they come out, we haven't got time to worry about if it is the correct way to write. (Use text language if you like as this is our space and we can communicate how we like.)

Facilitator Workshop
This was an excellent workshop with plenty of practical ideas and templates that I will be able to use over the course of our 3 year cluster. While it's always best to personalize our own work, these examples given will mean I won't have to reinvent the wheel from scratch.

Key Competencies: Complicated, Complex and Compulsary
Off I trotted thinking I needed a good dose of the new revised curriculum or was that the new revised draft curriculum?
Nothing new here but very boring. I think it is a given that the new curriculum is a good thing but it would be good to go to a workshop and hear/see examples of it working in the classroom, especially around how they plan an actual themeand linking it to the new curric.

2008 Cluster Baseline Survey
Only 3 of us at this workshop but I actually got plenty from it. Vince Ham is one of the CORE head honchoos and is responsible for all the research/stats from the ICTPD initiative. He spoke about findings on the outcomes of cluster PD to date. After looking at all the stats stuff I sort of came to the conclusion that alot of the evidence is not concrete and seems to be dependent on each cluster as some have great results while others don't.

RSS feeds for beginners
Great hands on workshop for getting info and connectivity straight to you without having to search or open it up. Will fill you all in later on these RSS thingy's.

Kapai Koka sam. Some great korero on the Hatea-a-Rangi page.
Koka Sam has also had a good play around with our Wiki and come up with this eye catching colour scheme.