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After School Workshop - Wednesday 12th May 2010

After School Workshop - Thursday 5th November 2009

After School Workshop - Wednesday 20th May

After School Workshop Wednesday 11th March 2009

Friday 10th October

He kohikohinga rauemi a ipurangi
I haere maua ko Piri ki tenei hui whakangungu - He rauemi i runga i te TKI tenei.
Plan your video work, Work your video plan - organising and use of a video editing programme called

Adobe Premier Elements


e-portfolios Basically another online tool to managae portfolios. I met a wonderful teacher called Claire who is using wikispaces at her school based in Dunedin. She will be visiting our space and talking to our students. We will all get to know each other over the next term. - Sam

Have a look at Claire's School Wikispace -

Thursday 9th October

Transformal Teachers

This morning I went to see Tony Ryan speak, he was truly inspiring. He spoke about how each of has the ability to to transform learning in this time of great change. He places much emphasis on individual choices and responsibilities and the ripple effect of what we choose to do, this can be positive or negative depending on that choice. As teachers it is our responsibility to be the energiser, the ethicist, the entrepreneur and the environmentalist... to find out more visit...

LEARNZ Virtual Field Trips


What a fantastic online tool. This is a teacher driven site, students can log in and travel with the teachers to different places in New Zealand. The site has links to most curriculum areas and this is highlighted at the top each lesson. All journeys are archived so you can access these anythime. Students have an opportunity to go to places they would not normally go through the medium of the internet. To find out more please click on the link. - Sam and Piri

Junior Inquiry teaching

Inspirational presentation from 2 junior teachers discussing their own approach to inquiry learning in a year one class. They provided fantastic examples of planning monitoring and assessment. Thei course powerpoint can be accessed through the Ulearn website. This was a favourite for the day it has given me a little more direction with content and e-portfolios - tracking the journey of learning.-Sam
Takes teamwork to make the dream work View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: freeville ulearn08)external image bT*xJmx*PTEyMjM1ODMyODgwMzEmcHQ9MTIyMzU4MzI5Mjg3NSZwPTEwMTkxJmQ9Jm49Jmc9MiZ*PSZvPTk5MzE3MzY5ODBmMDRhNmVhZGRjYjA1YWMyNjFmYzY1.gif


Ivan and I went to this workshop we learnt a few new tricks with the Umajin software(animation). The software has been updated. I have the software please don't hesitate to ask for a copy of the demo or you can access off the website. There are some great new tutorials that we can use in our classrooms. It filled in a few more gaps.-Sam

Kia Ora Whanau
Wenesday 8th October
Kia Ora Whanau Day number two. We started our day at 9am in the Christchurch town hall listening to three keynote speakers. You can access more information about this conference through the following link Ulearn08
I attended 2 breakouts today below is a brief description of each.

Kia ora whanau

Well Kim c and Piri B went to Kidpix this morning. Um where do i start? It is similar to the Ppt and you can do some really creative things on it.
What else can we say Kim???
Um youu need to go and have a tutu on it and then you will be able to understand a bit more what we are talking about...

Have a great day

Wednesday 8th October


Mogulus is a web2 tool which you can feed all media through to create your own television channel. You can embed this onto wiki, blog or anything like that. It was a very busy 90 minutes where I did manage to create and establish a hatea-a-rangi television channel. So much to learn. I will have to spend some time having a tutu with this. A helpful wikispace link was provided. Below are two links that will give you more information and contact with the tutor. I found this breakout exciting and could see this working very well within our wiki.


99 Ways to use an interactive board

Some fantastic ideas about how to use interactive boards. Three teachers presented examples of teaching/resources they use within their classrooms. Below are power points and handy interactive sites which we can use.
Highlights for me:
  • Online music lessons using the board - virtual guitar/piano
  • interactive calendar and register in the mornings
  • tracing images for yr1-2 resizing colouring in copy
  • interactive inquiry sessions with students monitoring their own progress
Chocolate Bar for Oral Language.ppt
Copy of BrainGym PP.ppt
Trip Countdown AWESUM.ppt

Making the Big Cat Purr - Mac OSX Leopard

Ivan and I went to this breakout to have a learning session about our Macs. This session was taken by Stuart Hale from Renaissance Education. It was cool to learn about some of the features of the latest operating system, glad that I've got a Mac but am swiftly realising that learning about all of the wicked stuff it can do will be an ongoing journey. Sue

Kia ora whanau i have just been to my next breakout it is called "10 top ICT trends for schools"
Do you know how old google is? It is 7 years old did you know that whanau?
Ive got a DvD so vcome and get it from me and dowbload it onto your rorohiko!!!

Go and have a titiro at these sites (map of future forces affecting education)

Breakout 1
Learning Styles Andrew Churches shared site to see what learning style you are and then showed resources that cater for each learning style. I have a CD of the lot if you are interested in downloading it.
Breakout 2a taster
NZ history online – I enjoyed this taster to this resource for your mahi kaupapa etc. Passionate presenter: Steve Watters Historian
Media Gallery is a good starting place.
Good place for teachers to learn too.
Starting locally is a good way to start
Front page shows topics of the time eg Tiriti o Waitangi, ANZAC day
Today in History –something in NZ history for everyday of the year -NZhistory calendar The Encyclopedia of New Zealand English or in TE REO MAORI
Auckland museum site and you can trace their tipuna.
Breakout 2b taster Interactive Whiteboard use in Literacy
Simon from breathe that some of us met at Waikirikiri at the IWB training ran the taster and shared practical ideas for use of IWB in Literacy.
Kim C

Hooray my rorohiko is now going on Wireless...
The first breakout that i went to was called Living heritage: Bringing our past into the future
Go and check out the site it is

This is an online story template where you can go and work in and the cool thing about it is that it is in both languages Te Reo Maori and Pakeha. You can download stories and plans that you and your class have created about Tikanga a iwi / Social Studies and view other peoples stories and plans to.

Go have a jack whanau...


Showcase to the Future: The new the wild and the wacky.
This workshop was a taster of lots of different ICT uses in schools as well as new technology ideas for use in the classroom.
Fendalton School has a cool website - worth a look.
The apple man spoke about how great the new iPhone is and its uses in the classroom and with web 2 tools. One link he gave was Awesome site for encouraging reading.
Gmail looks awesome and hocks up with all of the google tools. (one I liked was the google presentation tool. An online powerpoint type of application.
Excellent site for Maths (Juniors) is - great for maintenance and seeing where the kids are at.

All I want to do is Teach - Carolyn Stuart

This was an interesting workshop aimed at providing strategies to shift teachers who are resistant to change. Lots of ideas about group norms, meetings, problem solving strategies. Was relieved that at Jeru I don't have dysfunctional teachers like other places do but still cam away with some good ideas for encouraging and supporting change. Carolyn is the Principal at Tawa Intermediate, her ppt can be found on the ULearn site. Sue

Tuesday 7th October
Ivy and Koka Arihia

Ivy and Koka Arihia

Waikirikiri Kokas

Waikirikiri Kokas

Kia ora whanau Kim C and Piri B went to Juniors can. This is the link for the Ppt that Jill Hammond did with us so have a read it is some good stuff for you and your tamariki to look at!!!
Here is the website

What an excellent workshop. Both Sam and I love this software and it will be awesome to use for the next Nati Awards.
We picked it up within an hour and a half so that would be 50mins for the kids.
Could be used throughout the curriculum, ideal for oral language, presenting findings in a topic study, encouraging reluctant learners. So many applications and they are improving the software all of the time. Look at examples at

Kia Ora Whanau -
This is very cool software - I have attached a few helpful hints: - Sammy

Help Hints for using this software:

Load - Character
Delete - red cross
move up and down - green arrow -
File - Save as - name
Size of characters - click character size - lock size - change size
Background Size
Set Size for replay - Background Size - this needs to be put at the top of your script - 720 + 576
You tube- 480
Size - Move - Show - above each new character each character
To get rid of character right click and hide
Voice recorder - microphone on
If lose icons - view show icon again
when frozen restart - can sometimes freeze when it is big.
$200.00 for a five year subsription - this can be accessed through the Marvin Site.

Looking forward to the MARVIN workshop you'll take with the Cluster, does it work with Macs? Sue

"In the Swim" - Curriculum Design and Implementation

This workshop is being delivered by Julia Aitken, at present there is lots of conversations about the revised curriculum and what schools need to be mindful of. We have listened to student voice and the message from the kids is not new... relationships are the key, along with hard-working, knowledgeable, positive and enthusiastic teachers. There seems to be quite a divide in the room as the primary participants are embracing the revised NZC and the opportunities it brings whereas our secondary colleagues seem to be more focussed on the challenges it will bring them... I'm glad I'm not in their shoes as they have to shift their practice sooooo much!
The Educational Positioning System is an excellent tool for schools to use to reflect on "where they are at" - it also points you to your strengths and development opportunities. The lite version is free to schools, the full version will be at a cost. Links to the Core site and the EPS is in the wiki for this workshop.
Curriculum Design Wi

hey piri: heres mine that u blocked b4. hater

Hay whanau
I have just had a go at this glogster thing and it is so neat you need to have a go it is easy...

Kia ora ano... thanks for that link to meez i played in there and made an avatar... not that it's holidays and with my wireless router ka pai
Kia Ora Evrybody
longtime no type, but u no y aye, activeboard la la la... loving it heres a foto of a couple of my kids using it for counting they've been googgling the earth as well really loving it...
don't no wot happened to the clarity of this foto??? it was good when we took it! Ha cathc cha

Arr now I know how to add to this page. Ok kimi and kui you hotutus take your names off the links page. Um I havent been to any courses cept the ones that have been at kura. Thats all I have to add
Laters Teia

Kia Ora Ano!!! Kimpewh here
In the rite palce now...
K here are my lowdowns on the corses i went to... i went to the same first 3 as piri...

Marvin while great i can see there could be a bit of a challenge for the younger ones to navigate around in this programme to create their own avatars, probably better for the older children that can read, however the pepis would love to hear their voice coming through a growing base of imaginative characters. Sharon Harper is the NZ designer
Effective use of PP to enhance ur Lit Prog
I thort this was great 2. The resource they loaded onto or puter was full of PP ready to play programmes for english words, poems etc (when i watched it at school in my class i thort to myself, WHEN do they sleep) 1 of the laddies was very ofey with the PP programme hyperlingking, adding sound which played wen u clicked on a word etc... She also said that with 25-30 children in the class, managing them all to record their stories was challenging... 9so y would u...) i'd only do a small group at a time (never mind the back ground noise Ha) My children enjoyed listening to their retell and pics of the hat story - nice easy practical ideas to use in the class room
e learning and enqiry in a junior classroom - recording and reflecting on learning
hmmm well they started with recycling as their topic which somehow lead to save the kiwi, it was a diary of fotos that the teacher had taken with her new camera, basically she has a camera, a data projector (a paper screen )and a laptop to share/run her program and she used a virtual feild trip (costs moni to join up), she didn't say that she had let the children take fotos (!), but they had engaged in video/or teleconfrencing or emailing!!! with the virtual field trip, i seemed to get the impresion that the teacher was in control of the camera instead of the children, she did say that she was new to it all, and if i recall correctly she had then blogged their class learning in diary entries for the parents to vist... youll need to visit her page/bog/wiki to see if ther was evidence of child input into the class diary..
E PORTFOLIO a personal space 4 learning...
like piri a bit ova my head with wher they are at, i recall the intermediate children being interviewed on skype, and wen asked at wot age did they feel confident enough to manage their own e;port they said year 4/5. they also talked about safe LMS which i'd like to find out more about and how to set it up, manage it,
Elluminate live; not wot i expected but for the more literate amongst u an interesting site to visit It is a programme (instructor lead) that allows u (like a wiki?) to interact with ohters but in real time, so u can do Pd without video/tele conferencing or costly travel. 4 me it's another programme to learn to use at a cost we can't afford, however they do offer online training. But check it out u may see possibilities 4 our nati cluster hui. u get to have 3 virtual rooms for free (i think if you log on thru th L@S website) but only for a limited time
Anything u can do i can do better(with a little help from mu activboard) marnie etheridge (ex teacher)
well i just had to go and have free pd/ideas so that i could see just wot we wer getting 4 our moni, and yep it's all that and a bag of chips
This is wot she emailed after the hui. she also downloaded a free trial version of the software that it uses... u can just use wots in the programmes until u become program literate.
There are so many ways an Activboard can be used in the classroom to support teaching and learning. As you saw in this presentation the Activboard can support individual needs as well as be a resource to support teaching or for small group work too. I love the way the children work independently at the Activboard during sessions such as guided reading as they not only take responsibility for their learning but they also practice the all important social skills of turn taking, sharing and co-operating in a group. A fantastic way to encourage co-operative learning too.
Here are a couple of websites that I referred to during the session which I hope you find useful:

- basic link to the Promethean website
: you can download 'Flipchart Viewer' which will enable you to view flipcharts if you don't have the Activ software already.

sign up to give you access to a wealth of resources created by teachers around the world (you do need the Activiewer, Activprimary or Activstudio)

- Level 1 accreditation course.
A great introduction into learning the skills of Activprimary and Activstudio
Collaborating online using wikis...karen fahy 170
sad 2 say the drunk fulla infront of me new more about this than the presenter so it was hard not to stop laughing at him and his mates,
so now that we have a wiki there's not much more to say about that 1. except learning how to use it properly Ha

Two PowerPoint presentations are listed below.
The Web 2 presentation will help to get your head around all the new kupu our kids are using with these new Web 2 online tools.
The staff hui presentation I used today is also attached.
Please click on the the pictures to take you there. - IvanSP32-20080304-215551.jpg

Some meke workshops you attended Piri. When we meet on the 18th March (Lead Teachers) could you take us all on a tour of Marvin for about 15 - 20 mins?

Kia ora kaiako ma
Here is a brief overview of the ICTPD Conference that i attend from the 19th to the 22nd of February 2008.

Breakout 1 - Marvin
Marvin was the first workshop that i attended. It is the worlds fastest growing avatar (Character based) animation and education resource. You can create 3D animated characters and put them into a story. Teachers can add there own voices in Maori, Chinese, samoan and other languages to the characters to help their children grow more in all curriculum area's in a more fun and exciting way. After you have created your story you can then download it onto a portable media device, internet streaming gateways and a host of other mediums for your peers or other people to view. You can add alot of other extra's such as:
Background images
Background music
Speak type
Speech ballon
This is such a good programme i recommend it to everyone... :) :)

Breakout 2. - Effective use of Power point to enhance your literacy programme
Effective use of Power point to enhance your literacy programme was my 2nd breakout that i attened. It was all about giving the children an oppourtunity to take digital photo's or creating images using drawing software. The children can then personalise and take ownership of the text that they have created by adding their voices to the different digital photo's or images that they have created. The children's work can then be used as an e book, a learning centre or a digital storytelling tool. You can also get the children to hyperlink to different activities that you have created that are to do with literacy. For example: You might get the children to listen to the story of Hikurangi raua ko Rautapu that you have re read on the computer. When it has finished you might have a hyperlink symbol that takes the children an activity that you have created on the computer about this story.

Breakout 3. - E portfolio A personal space for learning
E portfolio A personal space for learning was the 3rd breakout i attened and it was way over my head. Ian Fox and his school created their e portfolio's then download it onto their wiki space so that parents and other family members can look at their child's work and comment on it.

Breakout 4 - From claymation to animations
From claymation to animations was the 4th breakout that i attended. It was all about how to create a claymation using a storyboard, kiddy clay, digital camera, a painted box for the background. We created a claymation and downloaded it onto our laptops. This is the process that we followed to create a claymation

How to make a claymation
    1. Download your claymation digital photo’s into an appropriately named file
    2. Open movie maker. Import your pictures from the file you save your photo’s to
    3. Select photo’s
    4. When all your photos have been selected and imported into movie maker. Click on the photos one at a time and drag them onto the timeline. Make sure the photo number order is consecutive
    5. Video effect
When all your photos are on the timeline select speed up double. Click and drag speed
up double onto each picture. Start with 2 times then increase as required

Breakout 5 - Lets tell a story
Lets tell a story was my 5th breakout. It was similar to photostory. These are steps that we followed
1. Wrote a story
2. Created a storyboard on a piece of paper about their story
3. Used tux paint to create a pictures for the story
4. Downloaded pictures from the digital camera

Breakout 6 - Blooms digital taxonomy
Blooms digital taxonomy was my 6th breakout. Andrew Churches explained the blooms taxonomy of
Lower order or thinking, Remebering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating, Creating, Higher order of thinking. He also gave us some remembering and digital activities that you can use to help your children remember, and the teacher...